Recipe for the day and a GIVEAWAY in the works!

Here is the recipe for the week, which can also be seen at

Secret Kiss Cookies


1 cup butter, softened
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
2 cups flour
1/2 cup chopped pecans
sifted powdered sugar
1 pkg. Hershey Kisses, foil removed


Cream butter, sugar and vanilla with 1 Tbsp. water. Stir in flour and nuts; mix well. Shape dough around Hershey Kisses forming a ball. Place cookies on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. Cool on rack; roll in powdered sugar. Makes about 60 cookies.

Now on to the giveaway that I have in the works:

I am going to call this giveaway “Veg like the BITRCountryGirl” giveaway.  So here is what you need to know about the giveaway:

1. I am in the process of putting together a list of questions….the answers will come out of some post on my blog, somewhere (I will post the links to the posts that I use at a later date as well as the questions, let’s put it this way….NO POST/PAGE is off limits).

2. The person who answers the most correctly (you’ll have to e-mail me your answers) will win the prize pack.

3. What is the prize pack, you ask?  Well the prize is your own personal copy of several of my all time favorite movies (titles and summaries will also be posted later.)

4. I just wanted to put this information out there right away so y’all can start looking for the giveaway!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!



This is the point where I’m supposed to tell you how great my weekend was…

But I’m not going to because my weekend sucked a$$. I guess the only good thing that came out of it was that I got out of bed to help my team be successful in our first night with our store’s holiday hours. That’s about it. That’s the only good highlight from my weekend and that pretty much bites. I’ve been running back over the weekend as a whole in my mind and I can not come up with anything else good that has happend and that is the saddest part of all. So I’m just going to check out some blogs, have a couple brewski’s and go to bed and hope that tonight is a heck of a lot better than the last three nights have been.

It’s the small things that are making me happy….

I’ve added a couple more pages to my blog again.  One is about the upcoming trip to Nampa, Idaho and the other is a page full of some of my favorite posts.  I’ll be updating those pages pretty often so please keep checking them out to see if anything new has been added.  You just never know what you might find! 😉


Yesterday, my mom finally broke down and went out and bought a crate for the “Little Blonde Bomber.”  She’s gotten into a pretty bad habit of peeing on the carpet in our living room and it finally got to the point that something had to be done ASAP.  She doesn’t like being in there at all but we can totally tell that she’s been crated before because once she’s in there she just lies down and goes to sleep.  We thought she’d howl and cry and carry on but there’s been none of that at all so far.

Going to be putting another recipe up on the cooking blog today also.  I haven’t made this recipe in a while and it’s pretty simple for those out there that don’t cook a lot.  So please keep checking back at The BITRCountryGirl Cooks for the updates.

If anyone out there knows of any good coupon/money saving blogs/webpages please send them my way.  With the way our economy is right now I’m looking for every resource I can possibly find to help myself save some money on my basic everyday needs.  That and who DOESN’T like to save themselves some money every now and then?

I’m super excited this week I only work two of my regular 4 day rotation.  I took off for the last two days of the PBR World Finals and my dad also turns 50 on Sunday so I took off for that also.  It’s the little things that are making me happy right now.  Is that weird?

I’ve posted about this before but I’m going to put it out there again….I’m in the process of trying to acquire a postcard (or a couple) from each of the 50 states and even internationally too.  You can click here to read more about the challenge and what is going to happen after I have gotten all the postcards.

Betty check out the post before this one!

I just wanted to apologize for getting pretty lax on commenting back to those who have left comments on my blog.  That was never my intention when I started blogging at all.  I wanted to be able to go and visit everybody and leave a ton of comments but lack of time and “real” life have prevented that from happening recently.  I just want to say that I appreciate everybody who stops by and leaves me a comment and that I’m going try and get better about commenting back on your pages too.

Plus, on a happier note, I got my photography glitch figured out on my cooking blog and my original snickerdoodle post is up and running again.  I’m looking for things to make this week so I can keep addding to it.

As the tummy rumbles

I’ve changed the day that I weigh in from Thursday morning to Wednesday morning (I’ve already updated the page as well).  It just works better for me personally to weigh in on Wednesday mornings is what the change boils down to.  I also changed the number of pounds that I want to lose…being 130 pounds is just not a very healthy weight for me to be at so I’m trying to lose 24 instead of 34 pounds by April which would put me at about 140 pounds which is a much healthier weight for me to be at.

I’ve also added a new to page to my blog….My reading list.  Which is the list of the Top 100 books plus a “few” that I’ve come across that I want to read.  Apparently, I’m pretty “uncultured” cause out of the Top 100 books I’ve only read 5. Oh well, gives me something to do when I’m not trying to lose weight, blog, etc.

I’ve also spent the morning looking up fun things to do in Idaho when Ashley and I get on a “big metal bird” and fly to the Nampa Invitational (our first PBR event of the 2009 season) to see our cowboys in action. Hopefully we’ll both have enough vacation time and money saved up that we can stay a couple extra days and do some major sight seeing.  I’ve got my fingers and my toes crossed on that one cause there is sooooo much to see and with the other events we’ve gone to we didn’t really do the tourist thing we just did the event and spent a lot of time in our hotel.

Now I’m off to do some more reading and eat some breakfast too…Apparently my tummy isn’t enjoying being empty anymore! 🙂


“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this on my blog before but I am a BIG TIME fan of The Princess Bride.  It’s one of my ALL TIME favorite movies.  I love that it’s a story in a story and that good triumphs over evil.  So this morning I went out and bought the book….I can hardly wait to get reading.

Also while I was out spending money at my local Barnes and Noble I purchased my first Jane Austen novel….Pride and Prejudice.  I can hardly wait to start reading about young Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy! 🙂 

Now I’m off to run myself a nice warm bubble bath, because it’s FREEZING here in Southern Wisconsin today….Topping out at a “scorching” 37 degrees (so far, it’s supposed to make it to 43 degrees).



Thank You

I just wanted to put a big Thank You out there to those who left words of encouragement on my posts about the trouble’s I’ve been having with my now ex-friend from work.  I really appreciate it.  I guess I truly found out who my friends are!